Killingly Driving Tours

"Mills and Beyond"

Killingly Conservation Commission is offering a new event in its 'Back Roads of Undiscovered Killingly' series.

This Back Roads Tour will focus on the mills along the Whetstone Brook, plus some scenic vistas and a historic farm. Planned for March before the leaves pop out on trees, the stone ruins of old mills are more visible.

Do you know?

  • Why were 15 mills developed along the Whetstone Brook in early 1800's?
  • Killingly had the most cotton mills in Connecticut in the 1830's?
  • How many mills are still standing?
  • What ruins are visible now?

Join the bus tour guides from the Killingly Conservation Commission to learn how Killingly developed during the Industrial Revolution and how some mills have been repurposed.

New Back Roads Bus Tour is Sunday afternoon, March 25, at 1 pm.

Limited seating; reservations are required by Wed, March 21, with name, phone and number attending, and to find out where to meet.

You can call the town hall @860-779-5311 or