Welcome to the home page of the Killingly Conservation Commission web site.

Our mission: "To promote the development, conservation, supervision, and regulation of natural resources, including water resources within the Town of Killingly and provide the methodology for protection and maintenance of these resources."

The Conservation Commission is working hard to protect the natural resources in town and to promote the parks and open space that are open for residents of the region to enjoy. Here is the latestNewsletterfrom the commission and listed below are are a few of the activities we are involved in:

Up Comming Events

New Bus Tour -- "Mills and Beyond"

Killingly Conservation Commission is offering a new event in its 'Back Roads of Undiscovered Killingly' series.

This Back Roads Tour will focus on the mills along the Whetstone Brook, plus some scenic vistas and a historic farm. Planned for March before the leaves pop out on trees, the stone ruins of old mills are more visible.

For information on how to sigh up for this event, go to the newKillingly Driving Tours"page.

Killingly Green News

Keeping an Ear to the Earth

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All about Killingly's natural resources, the farms, the gardens and the environment.  Killingly Green News is a collaborative effort of the Killingly Agriculture Commission, The Killingly Community Garden, Mother Nature's Garden of Killingly, and the Killingly Conservation Commission.  

About My Woods

The CT, MA, and RI state forestry agencies were successful in receiving a competitive grant to develop an app for Android, iPhones and tablets calledAbout My Woods. It is now available as a free download for mobile devices

Woodland owners in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island as well as northern New England now have a new tool to help learn about their woods. Foresters, loggers and others who work in the woods will find it useful too. A link to a web version of the announcement and instructions can be foundhere.



Killingly joined many other Northeastern Connecticut towns in preventing waste materials from fracking to be deposited in our town. To frack a shale gas or oil well, millions of gallons of fluid - a blend of water, sand and chemicals - are pumped underground at high pressure to break up shale rock, allowing gas to flow into the well.

There is no fracking in Connecticut at present, and the state of New York banned the practice within its boundaries. Companies look for places to deposit this waste. The Killingly Conservation Commission submitted a sample ordinance to ban this toxic waste water from being dumped in Killingly. An ordinance banning this waste was adopted, along with other town ordinance updates, at the October 10th Town Council meeting.

Here's a link to that specific meeting:Regular Town Council Meeting Minutes

"1892 Conservation Property/Sherman Memorial Forest"

On October 15th, 2017, over forty walkers enjoyed the trail and old stone foundation homestead off 175 Breakneck Hill Road. The moderately rough 2/3 mile trail is now well marked with white paint. There are a number of other side trails, but if you follow the white paint markers you will discover a stone foundation with a center chimney base and a well. Here you can ponder who would build a house in the middle of the woods back in the mid 1800's.

The Town of Killingly acquired the 72 acre property back in 1892 (thus its name); the adjoining 90 acres is managed by the Wolf Den Land Trust named Sherman Memorial Forest. Here is the latest brochure where you can find more information on the1892/Sherman properties.

This parcel, along with others in town, is kept undeveloped by legal conservation easement outlining the permitted uses, and is overseen by the Killingly Conservation Commission. Open Space Stewards are our important watchdogs and maintainers; local volunteers who usually live nearby and monitor the property.

The kiosk at the parking area was built by Ethan Miller as an Eagle Scout project, and now shows a map and guidelines for the use of this conservation property.


We have a number of other Killingly properties that need stewards to report to the commission when concerns arise. Give a call or email if you might consider serving in this capacity to help keep our town green for future generations. ContactEric Rumsey,Town Planning staff, or Donna Bronwell, Chair of Conservation Commission. Or you can call the Killingly Planning Office @ 860-779-5310


We currently have a position open for an alternate member of KCC. Our regular meeting is the third Wednesday of the month at 7 pm in Room 102 of the town hall. We are quite informal and you'll get to know environmentally friendly folks. Interested citizens are always welcome!

Get outside and enjoy "Undiscovered Killingly"!

2016 Environmental Award

Virginia Chase was awarded this year's Environmental Award by Killingly Conservation Commission for her dedication in creating Mother Nature's Garden and promoting pollinator gardens in Killingly.

At the televised regular Town Council meeting on February 14, Donna Bronwell, Chair of the Killingly Conservation Commission, presented the award, adding Virginia's name to 14 other Environmental Award recipients on a plaque in the Town Hall.

Clickherefor the names of the recipients that received this Environmental Award in the past.

Get Outside - Get Healthy -- Enjoy Killingly!

Outside and Walk

Informal walks on Killingly parks and protected conservation lands led by Conservation Commission members.

Protecting the reservoirs in East Killingly

The reservoirs support recreation such as fishing, boating, and bird watching. The brochure and map provide details about the reservoirs and land that are being considered. The photographs provide some idea of the scenic vistas and natural beauty of the reservoirs in our area that should be secured for today and future generations.

What can you do to help? The brochure contains the names, addresses, and email addresses of your State Representatives, officials in the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, and staff in the Town of Killingly. The corporation has placed a time limit on this opportunity, so we must ask the state for immediate action on this matter. Please express your support as soon as possible.

If you would like to have a personal tour of the reservoirs, please email Linda Walden in the Town of Killingly. Members of the Killingly Conservation Commission and/or staff members of the Town of Killingly would be happy to show you one of the most beautiful areas in eastern Connecticut.